If you follow me on Instagram (which, if you’re not by now, you’re failing ๐Ÿ˜› ) then you know that yesterday I attended a breakfast seminar at Strathmore Business School, dubbed Millenials and Money. This event was put together byย Branding Beyond Boardersย in conjunction with the True Love East Africa team and featured a powerful panel and candid conversations about being a smart money woman. In the spirit of sharing and caring, I thought I’d spill the tea on helpful tips about being smart with money, from bosses who have been through it and survived it all!

Smart Money Woman, Denim And Cateye

Panelists from L-R: Liz Ntonjira, Arese Ugwu, Carole Mandi, Solomon Wangwe.

1. “God ain’t making no more land” – Solomon Wangwe.

I was so happy to see Solomon as one of the panelists, because I worked with his wife at my very first job! ๐Ÿ˜€ He is the CEO of Goshen Acquisitions, a real estate company that specializes in investing and trading land in Kenya. To achieve status of a smart money woman, Solomon encouraged us, millenials to take full advantage of being young, to take calculated business risks while we still have time to recover from any investments gone bad. He gave a powerful testimony about his mum, who bought land years ago, against his dad’s judgement and behind his back. Turns out, it was this investment that gave them the sweetest retirement plan!

Smart Money Woman, Denim And Cateye

– With Goshen Acquisitions CEO – Solomon Wangwe.

2. “Be selfish with your time” – Liz Ntonjira.

The gorgeous, talented and super bubbly Liz spoke to us about time being a free, yet powerful resource. According to research, valuing time and management of this resource is an area that millenials fail :-/ Her smart money woman tip was to set goals, – both short term and long term – have and stick to daily priority lists and to be brutal about eliminating any form of time wasters.

Smart Money Woman, Denim And Cateye

– With Liz Ntonjira.

3. A message from Smart Money Woman author, Arese Ugwu.

The Millenials and Money seminar was actually put together as part of Arese Ugwu’s Smart Money Woman book tour. She has been booked and busy, touring the globe for her best-seller book and of course she had to make a stop in Kenya! ๐Ÿ˜€ Her book has been all the rage and features 5 fictional characters who’s relationship, friendship and financial struggles are quite relatable. My key take homes from her story:

“Privilege is a gift and a curse.” A curse in the sense that it lures you into thinking that because you have never lacked, you will always have.

Smart Money Woman, Denim And Cateye

From L-R: Branding Beyond Boarders CEO – Nana Wanjau and Arese Ugwu.

“A general does not earn his stripes by sitting out battles.” No one ever talks about the struggles of entrepreneurship. Things will always get tough, but your resilience during such times is what will determine the outcome.

“Your network is only your network if you’re able to leverage it to create opportunity or remove obstacles.”

“A chanel purse, vs. a stock portfolio?” Where do your priorities lie?

I would highly recommend getting your hands on her book! Contact Jenn – +254 713 483 376, who will sort you out ASAP.

Smart Money Woman, Denim And Cateye

– With Arese Ugwu.

I hope this was helpful!



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