Happy New Week Everyone! 🙂


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Blame it on my new found love for all things dark and mysterious (lipstick included!), but if you ask me, you can never be wearing too much of the dark shade. Black, to me, is like that true friend who you can always count on to be there for you. Whether it’s a first date, or even an interview, there’s  just really no way to go wrong with this safe, yet daring colour.

For my all black situation I opted for a mix of lush textures with a pair of vegan-leather pants and a fitted jacket to give the ensemble a more polished look. I also attached a shoulder accessory from an oldie to give the fit and flare jacket a fun, military feel to it.

Now, we all know that a pop of colour is a tried and true way to highlight and lend personality to any outfit, and what better canvas than a black outfit?? Any excuse to swipe on some red lipstick and take my red heels for a walk around town 😀


IMG_4705-Edit IMG_4700-Edit IMG_4711-Edit IMG_4731-Edit IMG_4709-Edit IMG_4707-Edit IMG_4706-Edit IMG_4708-Edit

Thank you all so much for stopping by and have yourselves a grand week!



Jacket: Adams Market

Pants: Ken- +254 728 962124

Heels: Old

Lipstick: A Blend of Black Eye Pencil and Nouba Millebaci 46

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