There’s something so fresh, crisp and expensive-looking (Yap! I said it! 😛 ) about an all-white ensemble, that results in an exceptionally stylish and high-impact look.

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Otieno Nyadimo Photography 

When I put together this outfit, the initial plan was to go for a monotone look, until I stumbled upon this crop mustard coat while rummaging through my closet in search of something to wear! I got it for an absolute steal during one of my shopping escapades while in campus and somehow forgot all about it until recently. Its resurface was quite timely, to say the least, because of late I’ve found myself drawn to all things mustard and that being said, it’s only logical that the coat tagged along for a fancy evening out 🙂

I must admit, for the longest time bandage dresses were never my cup of tea, but the lace detail on this hot number breathed new life into a trend I’ve snubbed for the longest time. I always turn to lace whenever I’m shooting for a dainty look that oozes sophistication and this time was no exception. I don’t know about you, but I live for such stand-out details that add just the right amount of interest to even the simplest of outfits!

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I hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday!



Dress: Sasha’s Collection

Neck Piece: Jenny

Coat: Thrift

Heels: Old

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  1. Gorgeous!!! You write so well…:-) You should be a beauty/fashion columnist ..;-)

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