Why choose between a maxi or a mini while you can have both.. In one flirty, yet classy piece?


Otieno Nyadimo Photography

Asymmetrical skirts have been all the rage for a while now and I honestly get why this obsession lingers. This particular one has an incredibly flattering cut and I love that it’s short- allowing for some Angelina Jolie leg action (which, in my book, never gets old 😛 ), yet long at the same time, which brings about a tasteful skin situation. I’ve come to see high-low hemline skirts as the perfect building block to any outfit. Whether it’s for a backyard barbeque, weekend brunch with the girls, or even a date with that special someone, this oomph-inducing trend will have you serving all sorts of slayage. As a matter of fact, whoever said perfection lies in symmetry was sure as hell wrong! 😛

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ION, can you believe Christmas is just nine days away? 😀

Love and Love!


Skirt: Thrift

Top: Here

Heels: Here

Lipstick: Nouba Millebaci No. 45

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