As if I didn’t declare my love for updo hairstyles enough in my previous post, here I go again, only this time, I’m wearing my crown a little less tousled and the occasion is something a little fancier than happy hour 😀


One of the biggest challenges when it comes to natural hair is maintaining a healthy mane and keeping breakage at bay, which is why protective styling is such an integral part of my natural hair care regimen. For me, this up-do was the ultimate win on so many levels!

1. My ends were neatly tucked away for protection, making it a style that can hold up in humidity, wind and rain; One that can generally stand up to Mother Nature

2. It was easy to do and took less than thirty minutes to achieve! I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a quick-and-well-worth-it salon visit?!

3.  It was the perfect style to highlight my facial features, my pink stained lips and fluttery eyelashes flawless makeup and my gown’s embellished neckline and low-back detail, because let’s face it, I wasn’t about to waste this look on a graphic tee and a pair of blue jeans!

4. There’s quite something about wearing your hair away from your face that captures the very essence of grace, elegance and poise, and this particular do, complete with the hair accessories and makeup, had me feeling like the belle of the ball! It looked perfect from every angle and gave me extra incentive to keep my chin up, you know, lest my crown slips 😉

GABU3123 GABU3155 GABU3143 C GABU3114 C GABU3118 GABU3145 C GABU3120 GABU3160 C GABU3153

Wishing you all a lovely week!


Bridal/Prom/Special Occasion Hair Styling, Hair Accessories, Makeup, Eyelash Extensions and Nails: Revitalize Wellness Center, ICEA Center, Chiromo Road, Westlands. 

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