Good morning¬†guys, hope you’re all having a productive week so far! I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately, but today’s outfit has me living and loving the blues! ūüôā


Dakroom Photography

Whenever I feel a little under, I like to put together pieces that¬†have happy and comforting association, to create¬†an ensemble that’s both mood enhancing and chic. (This concept works better than comfort food, I promise ūüôā )

These high waist jeans, for instance,¬†make me feel a little skinnier, which is always a¬†mood booster¬†for me ūüėÄ , the denim shirt takes me back to an AMAZING¬†time I had in Arusha¬†a few¬†months ago, the faux fur vest jacket keeps me warm and fuzzy even in Nairobi’s most daunting temperatures, the shoes¬†do a fab job¬†adding some extra punch to this blue cocktail,¬†and for as long as we’re talking happiness, it’s only fair that a few of my favourite accessories tag along for the ride!

IMG_3813-Edit IMG_3801-Edit IMG_3785-Edit IMG_3807-Edit IMG_3792-Edit IMG_3816-Edit

Thank you all for stopping by!



Sunglasses, Denim Shirt and Pants: Thrift- Adams Market

Faux Fur Vest Jacket: Steve

Heels (Old): Backyard

Neck Pieces (Old): Mr. Price

Lipstick: Nouba Millebaci No. 45

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