Well hello my loves! I hope your weekend’s going great! 🙂

I honestly can’t believe I’m a year older already! Seriously, is it just me or is time really flying? Oh well. With birthdays come warm wishes from loved ones, lots of cake and gifts, so who’s complaining? Haha!

Looking back, the past year has been a roller coaster of some sort. I lived. I loved. I laughed. I laughed A LOT! I cried too. Sometimes tears of joy 🙂 I made new friends, lost others along the way. I made some smart choices and well, some pretty dumb ones too. Most of all, I learned. Some lessons tougher than others, but lessons all the same. As I officially bid 24 goodbye, I owe it to myself to leave behind any dead weight and take with me only the fond memories, lessons and a fresh new attitude for 25.

So 25, here’s to good health, love, happiness and success! 🙂

DSC_3161 DSC_3156 DSC_3166


Have a fantastic weekend and stay safe 🙂

Photography: Leon Muli


Print Midi Dress: Veteran House

Shoes: Gifted