Morning guys! Hope you all had a weekend full of fun, good food and great company 🙂 A few errands here and there, but all in all mine was pretty chill. I love that every now and again I manage to break away from all the running around and just take a moment to enjoy the simple things, like Orange Is The New Black!! Hmmm..! You guys! If you haven’t gotten on this bandwagon, hunnie, I highly suggest you get with the program!

Anyhu, today I present…



I copped this pleated perfection of a skirt a while back but only got to wearing it recently. I don’t know, there’s just something about pleats; Must be that 50’s glamour that I’m just so down with. Complete with the fun print, this skirt honestly gives me the urge to drop everything and get my Kenya Moore twirl on! Confessions of a Real Housewives of Atlanta junkie! Haha!

I steered away from the cliche of pairing it with a vest/tee and went the peplum way instead. I wanted to create a monochromatic look on the top part of the outfit so my run-to-when-I’m-late sweater made for the perfect match. (I’ve taken such an inexplicable liking to blue lately!)  A few of my favourite accessories and tada!! I was all set for church 🙂


The pleats made me do it!! Lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a productive week! xx


Photography: Leon Muli


Sweater (Also worn here): Adams Market

Peplum top: Steve’s Collection

Pleated Skirt: Ken’s Collection

Nude Cap Toes: Lisa’s Fashion House, Uhuru Gardens

Tote Bag: Bought from my sissy, Shiro

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  1. I am new to your blog and i must admit, I love your style and glamour. I think you need to start giving us contacts for your “fix it” people like Lisa’s fashion House, Ken’s collection and Steve”s collection and more so especially if they stock stuff for size 14 like me. Keep up the fabulous style:-)

    1. Hahaha! My fix it people? That’s actually funny. Check out Lisa’s Fashion HOUSE and Steves Collection on fb 🙂
      Ken’s number is +254 728 962 124

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