Happy hump-day, everyone!

We’re experiencing such a cold morning today and I couldn’t think of a better way to combat the gloom than with a chic-in-pink pairing! 


Ngomo Photography 

This outfit took me back to my days in campus, when I was such a huge patron for pink! It was so bad, that my friends nicknamed me “Pinkette.” Yikes! (Hey Emmanuel, Rayhab and G!) I might have overdone it a little, because it got to a point when I became so repulsed by the color, until relatively recently. Pink pieces have been slowly earning some real estate in my closet and today’s number is living proof. The peter pan collar did such a fab job sweetening the look, and to add some grown sass and edge to the ensemble, I went with a bold, dark lip.

PS: Who else is as stoked as I am, for the Safaricom International Jazz Festival next Saturday (4th November)?? After the magnificent Victor Wooten concert I attended earlier this year, I’m happy to say that I’ve acquired and expanded my taste into Jazz music, which explains my excitement to see Alune Wade live and in action! I’ll be sharing more about this in the coming week, so definitely stay tuned 😉


Dress: Njema Helena

Heels: Old – Backyard Shoes

Earrings: Old- Accessorize, Yaya Center

Lipstick: Black Up No. 9 – Lintons Beauty World