Happy new month, everyone!

Can you believe we’re already into the final quarter of 2017? Sometimes I feel like things drag on, but when I sit and think about how much has changed around and within me over the months, I’m reminded of how fast time really flies. I recently took a much-welcome vacation from social media, because sometimes it’s necessary to unplug in order to truly connect. This detox has left me feeling so refreshed and super stoked to be back to this space and I simply cannot wait to share all that I’ve been working on, behind the scenes 🙂

Speaking of behind the scenes, have you noticed that the universally dreaded “I have nothing to wear, my hair looks crazy, I can’t find my favorite lipstick” dilemma always seems to strike the hardest at the least opportune times, like say, before a special date? Life as we know it! Lol! In the spirit of making what could sometimes feel like a tedious exercise more enjoyable, I’ll be sharing a few tried-and-true classics that I always gravitate to when getting ready for a romantic night out.

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1) Curls. For. Days! I’ve been having a love-love relationship with my natural hair lately and now more than ever, I’m embracing DIY hairstyles that work for my hair type. I generally lean towards styles that give the impression of more volume, so it’s a no-brainer that Bantu Knot-Outs have been an ultimate fave! 2) Red lipstick, because I live for a good ol’ confident-boosting cliché 🙂 3) All black everything! Although I generally have a relatively colorful wardrobe, I must admit that there’s something so stunning about the absence of color that is both alluring and flattering. 4) Last, but not least, a scent with personality.

Finding a perfume that defines who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world can be a little overwhelming, but I always know it when I smell it. I was at His and Her Scents not too long ago and while I was sampling a few products, Lameck, who runs the store, recommended A Thousand Wishes, from the Bath and Body Works collection. They say a scent has the power to evoke specific feelings, and this perfume speaks to my everyday mood: youthful, yet grown; sultry, yet tasteful; bold, yet sophisticated. The stylish packaging is a mirrored reflection of what to expect from the scent and I love that it takes just a few spritz on my pulse points to lend me the perfect finishing touch!

What are some of your date night classics?

  PS: In case you missed the last post from my Date Night series, do catch it here 🙂


A Thousand Wishes Perfume: His and Her Scents
Dress: Cliq Fashion
Heels (Old): Backyard Shoes

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