Date night, anyone?

I’m sure you can all agree that very few things provide more stress than trying to figure out what to wear to Date Night! After a number of requests (a post of this nature isĀ actually so long overdue, it’s embarrassing! Lol), I’ve decided to introduce a new series, where I will randomly share with you guys, not just style inspiration, but cool spots where you and your beau can enjoy an amazing time together. You can thank me later šŸ˜‰


Gabriel’s House of Photography

Sunshine Balogun Makeup

Location: Chop House Restaurant at Radisson Blu

Now, before we get to the anxiety-inducing question of what to wear,Ā it only makes senseĀ to firstĀ figure out where we are going.

I absolutely love a delicious, fancy meal and always appreciate when it’s beautifully put together with some skill and love, but equally important is the ambience in which I get to enjoy it. From the moment I walked into Chop House Restaurant, I couldn’t help but feel transported to a whole new place. It’s superĀ sleek, sexy and yet, at the same time, comfortable.Ā It boasts such an eclectic dĆ©cor and theĀ overall tasteful ambience makes it a fantastic spot for you and your special someone to enjoy a romantic dinner.



The restaurant is only open for dinner, so when it came down to what to wear, I opted for something a little sultry, but not vulgar šŸ˜‰


I’ve been gravitating towards structured dresses a lot lately, so it only makes sense that this pink gem made the Date Night Perfect list! It captures every essence of sophistication and IĀ love how beautifully the bold fuchsia hue contrasted the toned down colour scheme at the restaurant. After all, life is too short to blend in, right?Ā šŸ˜›

For as long as we are talking sophistication, let’s talk pearls, shall we? You know, the classic piece of jewelry that has an effortless elegance about it and works perfectly for pretty much any occasion?Ā This particular number is especially versatile, as you can choose to twist it to give the impression of a single chunky piece as seen in the pictures, or you could go ahead and untwist it to give a more layered look, depending on what you would like to achieve!

I’m all about trying new thingsĀ so as much as I’m not usually a one-shade-wonder kinda belle, a girl’s got to match her lipstick to her dress at least once in her life!

GABU0013 GABU0025


There’s a 50% chance that you may not like your date :-/ Be sure to opt for aĀ nice pair of comfortable heels, so you can run out of there if he bores you to near death! šŸ˜€




Thank you all so much for stopping by!



Hair: Amadiva

Nails: Luxe Nails Parlour

Jewelry: Zaveris Ltd.

Dress: Wambui MukenyiĀ – +254 700 055180

Heels: Beverly Heels

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  1. I don’t know if somebody has told you, you have amazing skin and your style,I am obsessed with your looks. Girrrrl you kill it every time. One thing I love about your style is its colorful, fun, but most of all elegant. You are a style setter and not just a fashion wearer.

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