There is a whole generation that doesn’t want to repeat clothes. Every girl today wants to look like she’s on her own red carpet, but you have to remember there is no army of stylists and designers working for you.

Well, at least not yet 😛


Today I’m serving some Repeat Offender realness because if your staple fashion pieces work for you and you love them, then there’s really no reason not to rock them more than once 🙂 Sure, I incorporate new pieces into my wardrobe all the time, but rather than being a slave to each and every trend, I enjoy a good ol’ mix and match of what’s already in my closet to create fresh looks that fit my personal style.

If you’ve been an avid reader of my blog then you probably remember this wide-leg pantsuit. It’s quite exciting, perhaps even surprising to see an old bandeau top, gold belt, wear-anywhere heels and a pair of shoe laces (to cinch the bottom of the suit) bring an old piece back to life!

DX3A3617 DX3A3606 DX3A3613 DX3A3625 DX3A3623 DX3A3611

Gabriel’s House of Photography


Pant-Suit: Ken- +254 728 962124

Bandeau Top: Here

Heels: Here

Lippie: Nouba Millebaci No. 45

Thank you all so much for stopping by!


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