Hope you’ve all had a great week despite the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing in Nairobi of late. One minute it’s hot and the very next second, sweeps of rain come brushing across the city! For me, it’s been a serious game of hit n’ miss as far as dressing is concerned. Lol!

Anyhu, what better way to compete with today’s shine (let’s see how long it lasts!), than with a mood enhancing colour block?


Otieno Nyadimo Photography

There’s tons of colour combinations I simply can’t get enough of, but there’s quite something about a  tangerine and cobalt blue collabo that always hits a sweet spot for me. When it comes to dressing down, I often lean towards a few tried and true tips and tricks 😉

1. Bright colours. What can I say? It’s hard not to smile when wearing a few of your favourite hues 🙂

2. Statement-making accessories to add a little pizzazz to the outfit story.

3. A coat is always the way to go to deal your outfit some much welcome structure, for an overall look that’s polished and well put together. In my opinion, there’s something about a well tailored blazer thrown over your shoulders as a cape that makes an entire ensemble look way more elegant and expensive than it really is. It’s also a perfect trick for effortlessly rocking an oversized coat like the blue number featured here today, without looking like you’re drowning in fabric. So for all you curious cats who’ve frequently asked “why I don’t wear my coats“, the cat’s out of the bag 😛

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Have a fantastic weekend!



Coat: VB Collections

Top: Steve

Pants: Here

Heels: Old

Neck Piece: Apparel One

Lipstick: “Transylvania” NYX Matte Lip Cream from His and Hers Scents

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  1. You rock,a few tips from you well taken in fashion advice…..
    I even that the top is a tangerine and not orange i would boldly refer to it!The cobalt blue coat and it’s throw over swag is simply outta the world!!!
    Will be checking on you more often,any great,new tips can be emailed to my provided email addresses and i really appreciate,looking forward to hear from you again on fashion tips,until the have a fabulous weekend ahead!

    1. Always glad to help 🙂
      How about you subscribe to my blog to receive email alerts each time I share a new post? 😉 The “Subscribe” button is right under the “Lookbook” badge. Catch up again soon!

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