Super excited to finally be sharing my Dubois Road haul, after so much procrastination to make the trip down town. Lol!

Dubois Road haul

Happy new month, lovelies!

I recently took my butt down town, to the land of cheap and trendy gems! See, my life took a shift and I rarely go to town, so you can only imagine just how much motivation I needed to finally check this off my to-do list. I planned to spend nothing more than Kshs. 1,500 and to say that the trip was worth it would be an understatement!

So, let’s jump straight into my Dubois Road haul! 🙂

1. Nude Tassel Earrings.

First on the list of my exciting haul are these tasseled earrings that I’d been swooning over for the longest time!It was about time I got my hands on them, on the cheap! 😛 They only cost me Kshs. 150.

Dubois Road haul

2. Choker and loops.

For some weird reason, I keep losing my loops, so the cheaper, the better! 😀 This brings us to the second gem from my Dubois Road haul. I got these baby loops for Kshs. 100 and I’ve been living in them ever since. It’s that price-per-wear that I love so much 😛

By now you guys already know that I can never resist a choker, so of course there was a Kshs. 180 to spare for this black on gold number.

Dubois Road haul

I’ve been feeling big hoops lately, so I also got this pair for Kshs. 100.

Dubois Road haul

Scarf: Diana – +254 715 248 820

3.  Something purple.

Would my Dubois Road haul even be complete without these hot-right-now tasseled gems? These babies cost just Kshs. 150 and I was super excited to have them earn some real estate in my closet 😉

Dubois Road haul

4. A little sparkly.

They said to leave a little sparkle wherever you go, so it was only logical that I snuggled myself this pair of earrings! Would you believe I got these for an absolute steal of Kshs. 150!

Dubois Road haul

5. My Dubois Road haul fave!

My love affair with chokers continues. Also, I’ve found myself quite drawn to purple hues lately. New fave colour, maybe? I got this hot number for Kshs. 280.

Dubois Road haul

Hair: Nywele Creative.

That’s it for my Dubois Road haul! Where do you guys buy inexpensive jewelry from? Let me know in the comment section!


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