I was reading through older posts from my blog the other day and I simply can’t believe how much my style has transitioned in just two years! There comes a point where certain styles that you considered gospel truth just don’t work as well for the stage of life that you’re in, or even for your body and that’s when you know it’s time for change.


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Two or three years ago, I would never have given today’s outfit a second glance for fear of looking old and matronly. Today, not only has my personal style evolved, but I’m also so much more comfortable in my skin and since dressing up is an all too frequent occurrence in my life, I now, more than ever, appreciate stand-out pieces like this lust-worthy ensemble!
While in the past I may have gotten away with attending special occasion events in a sundress, or something that’s not too clubby, now I generally prefer to RSVP in absolute style 😉

GABU5359 GABU5370 GABU5356 GABU5354 GABU5375

What are some of the wardrobe changes you’ve made so far?



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