Being well dressed is one thing, but unique dressing requires the eye of a tiger; A keen eye for little stand-out details that will set you apart from the crowd.
I especially love today’s post, because it features a few pieces that I always gravitate to for a refined, yet bold look. 🙂

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Otieno Nyadimo Photography

For the longest time, plunging neckline styles sat right at the top of my “Nope! Never gonna happen” list of clothing-related risks, but I have slowly eased into the trend and more often than not I would ever have imagined, I find myself facing the look head-on! Bodysuits have quickly earned a VIP spot in my wardrobe, right up there with the rest of my trusty basics and this wine number has proven itself as a building block for an endless array of looks, from laid back, to bold, polished ensembles, and this brings me to its outfit companion of the day.

Guys, never in my life have I been so quickly drawn to a skirt on first sight!
I must admit that although I love Ankara print, it got to a point, where I felt that the exact same fabrics were being used by several designers to create looks that were way too similar, so it kinda began to feel like a uniform of some sort and I’m really not about that life. Lol!
This skirt, however, is such a game changer! For one, because of the stretchy fabric used at the back, the skirt has a bodycon fit with no folds and creases at the front, as is otherwise the case with most fitting Ankara pieces. Second, I absolutely LOVE the creative fabric-play and don’t even get me started on the caged asymmetrical detail, which tastefully allows me to bare just enough leg is probably what sealed the deal for me! 😀

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_DSC0875 as Smart Object-1

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far and thank you for stopping by!



 Bodysuit: Sasha’s Collection

Skirt: Fiona Kay

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I still insist you should be a fashion columnist.. always enjoy reading the outfit story 🙂

  2. Just discovered your blog! I love it
    Where did you get your jewelry from? That choker is errthang

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