Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.

I know I’m a little late and I haven’t checked in with you guys in a while, but finally, some captured moments from my birthday brunch 🙂

Going through all 300 pictures from this magical day made me so nostalgic! To be surrounded by loved ones who are gathered simply to celebrate you is truly a blessing. A privilege never to be taken for granted.

The past year was pretty amazing and now I  simply can’t wait to see what blessings this new chapter brings me 🙂

For now, sit tight and enjoy the picture overload 😛


IMG_7136 IMG_7125 IMG_7153 IMG_7192 IMG_7121 IMG_9709 IMG_9674 IMG_9704 IMG_7345

Ha! So my busy-body sis, Angy led the band in singing Happy Birthday for me! Lol!


My brother, Denis must have said something rather annoying (as usual!), hence the knife threats 😀

IMG_7429 IMG_7374

You guys are not even ready for what my sis, Shiro said at this moment! Lol! Notice how cute she looks, while the rest of us were busy laughing like the crazies we are :-/ Wouldn’t trade my fam for a thing 🙂


Some of us blush 😀


My girl, Mary was serving a cocktail of such fun colours! 🙂



IMG_7161 IMG_7164 IMG_7240 IMG_7264 IMG_7305

Celebrations are never complete without some bubbly goodness 😉

IMG_9709 IMG_7296 IMG_7394 IMG_7174 IMG_7138

Gabriel’s House of Photography

Location: Lucca- Villa Rosa Kempinski

Dress: Missis Styles

Hair: 3 packets of Afro Twist Braids from Natural Hair Kenya, Crochet by Carol– +254 713 547925

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