I honestly hadn’t planned to share a post about this Finger Coil Set I had on two weeks or so ago, but due to public demand, I’ll be sharing with you the steps Hair Master Alex took to achieve the look 🙂


Curly hair is ALWAYS in need of moisture and this where a pre-poo comes in. This oil treatment is done before shampooing the hair so as to retain moisture and other necessary oils which shampoo and other products would otherwise strip the hair of.

For this, Alex used a mix of Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil and Conditioner, applied it to my wet hair after which I sat under the steamer for about 15 minutes. You can find all of these oils at Super Duper- Greenhouse Mall.


After the pre-poo comes the actual poo. Lol! Sorry, it all just sounds funny in my head 😀

Shampooing the hair was followed by an ACV rinse, which I talked about here 🙂


I like to include deep conditioning treatment into my hair routine as a preventative measure (prevention from dry, brittle hair), so I make a point to treat my hair every month. Whenever I do my hair at home, I make my own deep conditioning treatment using Mayonnaise, Glycerin, Argan, Avocado and Coconut Oil and of course, some good ol’ Shea Butter to seal in the moisture.

At the salon though, Alex mixed a number of treatments- which he completely refused to share with me. Yawn! Lol

Once the treatment was massaged onto my hair and scalp, I sat under the steamer for another 20 minutes, after which it was rinsed off, ready for the exciting part!


At this point my hair was feeling like soft, puffy cotton balls and smelling sweeter than candy. Such a feeling goes unrivaled, I promise you!

To the wet hair, Alex applied some CANTU Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner, a mix of Flaxy Seed and Aloe Vera Oil and Styling Custard- which is the magic behind the curls. If you’re looking to have perfectly defined curls, I would definitely recommend the Shea Moisture Styling Custard. The lady I got it from left the country, so I’m looking for other sources. Anyone with a lead?

Alex sectioned and brushed small portions of the wet hair and sectioned smaller tiny portions from this brushed section, applied the custard and then twirled the hair around his finger till it formed the coils you see. Once the whole head was done, he used a blow dry to air dry the hair and finished off with CANTU Shea Butter Hair Sheen:-)

IMG_7239 IMG_7378 IMG_7395 IMG_7330 IMG_7229 IMG_7595

PicMonkey Collage

Antony Trivet Photography

Zalika Tou Makeup

These pictures were taken the day after my salon visit. With occasional spritz of CANTU Hair Sheen and some Flaxy Seed Oil, the hair was looking as good as new a week later 🙂

Hope this was helpful!

For bookings or any further enquiries, kindly contact Alex on +254 721 986910

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  1. Hi dear,
    You are gorgeous! And the fingercoils look delish! You can get the Shea Styling Custard at super cosmetics on Mama Ngina street in town. They have lots so I know you will never run out. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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