Hope you’re all keeping well? In my Friday post I mentioned that I was going on staycation that weekend and I can’t believe it’s been a week already and I haven’t filled you guys in! What’s with me?? Haha!

Once you step into The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort  you can’t help but feel completely transported to a different time and place and I’m sure anyone who’s been there can agree with me. The rustic feel of the homes (Atleast the ones I’ve been to) is out of this world and I won’t even get started on the endless opportunity to take in the scenery. Instead, I’ll jump right into the sensory overload of GREAT food! 😀 We hired a brilliant chef, Hannington, to treat our taste buds and boy did he and his team feed us! If ever you’re in need of a good chef who will not only have your palate singing Christmas carols but will also leave you wanting more,  he’s definitely your guy! (Hannington +254 725 559 267) From swimming, to an attempt at cycling, to great laughs and great company, it would simply be an understatement to say we had a blast 🙂

Speaking of weekends and getaways, we have a long weekend coming up (Mashujaa weekend! Whoop whoop!) and I’m sure a number of you have mini vacays planned out so I figured, why not do a post on how to stay chic while on vacay? 🙂


When travelling, (especially if it’s a road trip) the last thing you want is the discomfort of bulky clothes weighing you down and trapping heat!

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 Antony Trivet Photography

I love that this sheer high-low top is just airy enough to welcome  a nice cool breeze and the studded detail at the front allows me to stay chic as I travel. I wore this for the drive down to GRVL and I loved that the red high tops gave the outfit a much welcome pop of colour 🙂 You might want to throw a jacket/scarf over if you’re taking a flight to your destination.

Sheer High-Low Top: Steve’s Collection

Tights: No idea :-/

High Top Chucks: Adams Market

Travel Bag: Mr. Price (Old)

Reflectors and Double Finger Ring: Stars Joaillere


So you’ve arrived at your destination and the vacay mode is in full effect. Trust me, you do not want to think too hard at all (!!) about pairing separates together! Your only thoughts should be about what cocktail to try out next or what to have for dessert, you know?! Easy pieces with stand-out details should do the trick.

yN7xRFGeemeOPL3_WPt2xjMG5TtOGpCG_2bRLuk2r6xpYn0FLHVFS32lggYAinTdEbEtVlCmSNM luPCSF3qdGky5fw0YxRdF1dDL5tsqv5kZwwALKDV-Kz2NhZu9ePS1b8OiNbUBvfGc0HGG966auY tsBBDahDduaB275dH32NrIAC_6ESAeI2dRBTUj3vttOO6IuMwZMnkIdm7f0xaAgd_I8pdQcBz4g TVdLW_O7yY4Y-0GHLFY_mPtK-MinRU7zQY0Ppw6bKe-4XsJRoi-KqBmz8dnJQRMb18GIpa6uxPo

Also, see why I’m so obsessed with reflectors? Not only are they stunning, they do just fine as a mirror too 😛

Little White Dress: Ken’s Collection (Opp Uhuru Gardens Estate, Lang’ata)

Cuff Bracelet: Mr. Price

Beaded Sandals: City Market



For as long as we’re talking all things chic, easy and comfortable, you do not want leave your playsuit behind! All the better if it has some print going on 😀


Enjoying the view from my room one last time over a glass of wine 🙂


The birthday girl and I brought out the polka! 🙂


I absolutely love the bohemian feel that the flower crown gives. Makes you want to be out somewhere soaking up some sun 🙂

Boohoo Playsuit: Steve’s Collection

Nude Sandals: Woolworths (Old)

Faux Flower Crown: Mr. Price

Double Pearl Ring: Here


Now someone fast forward to the long weekend already! 😀

Till next time. xo

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    1. Hey! Thank you! 🙂
      Unfortunately I don’t have Steve’s contact but his fb page has details on the shop location 🙂 Check out Steves Collection on Facebook.
      Ken’s number is +254 728 962 124

  1. This is definitely something I’ll refer to on the next vacation/travel. I want the Masai beaded sandals. Kindly connect me if you have contacts

    1. Hey! Unfortunately I don’t have a contact. I got them at the maasai market at City Market. One of the shops outside.

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