We go powder our noses and touch up our lipstick in pairs; we always seek each other’s opinion on stuff; we find so much joy in dissecting even the tiniest details of our lives! We swap recipes and support each other’s decisions.
My girlfriends are amongst the most important and rewarding relationships in my life, so of course it’s always a good time when we ditch our to-do-lists and hang out!

With the weather being such a buzz-kill today, I can’t help but reminisce about our recent get-together at the much anticipated Safaricom Jazz concert not too long ago. My girls and I had such a fantastic time, to say the least!! The event was so well organized, set up was amazing, the performances were breathtaking and there was such great variety of food, beverage and entertainment vendors! There’s just something so special about a good food-flowing drinks-music that moves-and-great company combination that equals the perfect night out!

Music aside, the main performing act, Alune Wade is sooo easy on the eyes đŸ˜›

 Charles Ngomo Photography

A huge thank you to the Safaricom Jazz team for such a memorable night! We absolutely cannot wait for the next one!


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  1. Looks like a great evening- wish i had been there! U look gorgeous in your outfit- id like to see more pics of it. U look so glamd up! x x

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