Happy new month, everyone!

Kick starting the week with some jumpsuit loving, well, because there’s very few what-to-wear-dilemmas that this good ol’ one-piece-wonder can’t fix!

Ngomo Photography

Sunshine Balogun Makeup

I’m all about trying out new things and a goth lip had been on my radar for a while. I love how well all the elements of today’s ‘fit worked, for an ensemble that oozes just the right amount of chic, bold and sophisticated vibes.

Have a lovely new week!



Jumpsuit and Belt: Stars Joaillere

Earrings: Jane’s Beads

Heels: Old

Lipstick: Colour Pop’s “Guess” from Pro Makeup Kenya










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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! So pretty, classy, sexy and beautiful… Simply amazing!

    The kind of lady i´d lay flat on my back over a mud puddle for myself if i didn´t have a coat, so you could walk on me just to keep your heels from getting ruined! 😉

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