Let me just start by saying, nothing screams “I’m effortlessly sexy and I know it!” louder than a cute minimalist dress. Style and fashion are part of being more with less but sometimes we spend soooo much time thinking about what we wear, we forget just how boring an overall look that’s over-thought really is. Relaaax, it’s really just fashion anyway. 🙂 Besides, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, right? 🙂

Aside from its flattering silhouette, what I love most about wearing this dress is that I can be ready to go in just 45 minutes! Now, how about that! 😀

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_MG_3456 _MG_3551

Antony Trivet Photography

Shoot Location: Robert Ritzenthaler Residence

For those of you who will be embracing minimalism this Valentine’s weekend (or whenever), I find three things to be key: You must be comfortable in your skin, you must be nonchalant to what the “trend police” have to say and lastly, it helps if you’re willing to experiment 🙂


Dress: Vosti Look

Heels: Backyard Shoes, Bandari Plaza

Earrings and Finger Rings: Accessorize-Junction Mall

Makeup: Miss Blokland- +254 726 339123

HIS Outfit Deets: Here

In case you’ve been missing out, catch “His and Hers” 1 and 2 respectively, here and here 🙂

Catch y’all tomorrow for our final episode 🙂


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