Today officially marks my last day at work this year, and even as we speak, I’m shooting my final blog project for 2015 (which by the way, I cannot wait to share!) It’s safe to say that the holiday mood is in full effect and I’m all set for fierce fun in the sun! 😀


Otieno Nyadimo Photography

Can you believe it’s just three days to Christams? 🙂 While I’m usually around with family during the Santa period, my sisters and I always take a trip out of town to usher in the new year. This year, our last minute ways have (finally) caught up with us and what has been the norm for us for years is now looking highly unlikely. I’m just here wondering, what do people do in Nairobi over New Year’s?!?! :-/ HELP! Lol!

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Thank you all so much for stopping by and happy holidays to you and yours!



Top and Neck Piece: Jenny

Shorts: Gift

Sandals: City Market

Hat: Adams Market

Sunglasses (Old): Kung’ara

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  1. Love love love. I love your sunglasses, the whole look is perfect. Looking gorgeous. Which lippie are you wearing?

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