Who else is entirely confused about how to dress for Nairobi’s bipolar weather? Lol!

How To Dress For Nairobi's Bipolar Weather

One minute the temperatures are bone-chilling with chances of rain and the very next moment, the sun comes out to play in all its glory! The trick to kicking this confused weather’s butt is definitely layers. The thing about layering is you can always peel off the garments in the course of the day to keep cool and comfortable, when the it gets hot.

I wore this outfit during a Glenmorangie tasting not too long ago and I have to say, I went a little out of my comfort zone with this one. Lol! The dress code given was La Sape, which is borrowed from the ever so stylish extra people of Congo. I had to Google it when I got the invite! 😀 The event was on a Tuesday afternoon, so I put together a look that took me from the office, to the afternoon Whisky tasting.  The weather was exactly as it is now – hot and cold – but when the sun came out, my Urban Tortoise sunglasses came in handy to cement the look!

How To Dress For Nairobi's Bipolar Weather

How To Dress For Nairobi's Bipolar Weather

How To Dress For Nairobi's Bipolar Weather

Shem Obara Photography.

Happy almost-Friday everyone and thank you for stopping by!


Floral Blouse – Wagacha Wanjiku (Personal Shopper)

Pleat Skirt: Here

Fishnet Socks: Wardrobe Banter

Jacket: Thrift

Sunglasses: Urban Tortoise – get 10% off using my discount code “Cateye” at the counter!

Ankle Boots: Bata Kenya

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