Safaricom International Jazz Festival is literally a day away and I’m super psyched for what the concert has in store for us this year! You guys already know what not to wear come Sunday, so today I figured I’d share some last minute tips on how to look extraordinary on a small budget at the concert.

Statement jewelry, yay or nay?

There’s something so appealing about a statement necklace or earrings, but there’s also a fine line between making bomb statements and having a look that’s too busy. For the most art, statement jewelry does look expensive, but you want to steer clear of pieces that are too shiny/fake looking. I love the neck piece from this video, and the pearls did a fab job adding a fab touch to my inexpensive look!

Mom Jeans: Kshs. 250

Top: Kshs. 30

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

Shoe game and eyewear.

How to look expensive on a budget? Start with the shoes! Sharp pointed heels/flats and loafers always lend the look such a sophisticated touch! While we are still on the topic of sophistication, a chic pair of sunglasses is only logical given that we are right in the thick of summer. I always find that cateye sunnies look a lot more polished than most. Or is it just me? 😛

 An old but gold tip about how to look expensive on a budget!

Matching your shoes with your bag always gives the impression that you went the extra mile to put your ensemble together and makes for a money-looking finish. Catch me dead wearing heels these high at Safaricom Jazz this Sunday, but the mustard from the heels paired so beautifully with the Ralph Lauren logo on the bag. I couldn’t resist 😛 Also, how perfect is this tote for Jazz? Big enough to fit my picnic essentials and fab enough to cement any look!

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

Polo Tee: Kshs. 30

Ralph Lauren Bag: Kshs. 150

 Neutral tones.

Not only are neutral hues easier to pass off as being expensive, they are also easier to re-wear and re-style without anyone noticing! I spotted the maxi dress in some pile at the market and fell in love with the tie and die accents. It’s such a subtle piece and the airy silhouette captures the very essence of summer!

The devil is in the details.

Looking expensive on a budget goes way beyond the clothes you wear. You hair should be looking like money too, (I’ll have a tutorial up for easy natural hairstyles tomorrow 😉 ) your nails on fleek and if you wear makeup, make sure it blends and sits fabulously on your skin. A swipe of lipstick/gloss goes a long way and confidence is also a major key. It should always start with confidence.

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

Have you guys bought your tickets to Safaricom Jazz yet? If you haven’t, you’re in luck because you can get 3 squad tix for Kshs. 4,000 instead of Kshs. 6000 on Masoko Kenya! Take advantage of this deal and buy your tickets now!

See you guys on Sunday 🙂



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