I’ve been having such a blast experimenting with how to style long braids!

 how to style long braids

Right before my birthday vacation, I wanted to challenge myself to experiment with my hair so I had waist-length braids done. My go-to protective style hairdresser – Jane Stylist – convinced me to take my experimentation a notch higher with the so-hot-right-now triangle braids and as per usual, I loved the result! We used about 8 packs of Elegant Braid by Darling, in the colour 1/350. I love that it feels light and I’ve been enjoying the hair so much, I had to share some simple tips on how to style long braids during the sunny weather πŸ˜‰

Wrap-A-Round High Bun.Β 

There’s something so easy and sophisticated about a high bun, so it’s no surprise that this style made it to my list! A tip to avoid having a huge bun that is a tad too heavy when it comes to styling long braids would be to hold up half the hair in a wrap-a-round bun and have the rest of the braids down to the side.

 how to style long braids

A Bun And Braid It!Β 

This style is probably one of my faves and is quite similar to the previous one, only this time, neatly braid the hair you left out and lay it to the side.

 how to style long braids

Not Your Average Up Do.

The best thing about how to style long braids is the endless opportunities to achieve a unique yet sophisticated look. Confession: This style was literally an accident. Lol! I had my hair up during one of my photo shoots and in between trying to wrap it into a bun a came up with this! πŸ˜€

how to style long braids

What’s Better Than One Bun?

Two buns, of course πŸ˜› This style is especially perfect to show the triangular-parting design of the braids.

 how to style long braids

Photography: Tenza

Hair: Jane Stylist.

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As always, thank you all for stopping by and have a fun weekend!


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