There’s no time like the present, to release the old and embrace the new.

Ngomo Photography
Sunshine Balogun Makeup 

Hello from my new look website! 😀

You guys, I am just so excited to be out with the old and in with the bold! Denim and Cateye was born three years ago and as we have grown, I felt it was time to give the site a much welcome face lift. Just as with my sense of style, I went for a balance between chic, minimalist and visual and hopefully this new, user-friendly experience will make your visits here a little more exciting!

So, feel free, scroll around, get familiar and let’s catch up soon!

PS: If by now you are not following me on Instagram,
a) You are failing 😛
b) You have some catching up to do with fun and exclusive footage from my recent trip to Dubai!



Maasai Shuka Overall Dress: Thrift

Bustier: Femme Kasha

Choker: Malkia Jewels

Heels: Old

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