Lately I’ve been having the feeling that I have less hours in a day, with so much I need to accomplish; so many deadlines to meet and such little time! (This might explain why I’ve been so MIA here :-/ ) It’s kinda consoling to know that I’m not alone in this and with such demanding schedules, researching salons, booking appointments weeks in advance and having to set aside hours of the day, all in the name of getting a dose of beauty treatments, is not the fast and easy way of life that the busy woman of today’s generation should tolerate. Not when you can get a more convenient and more all-inclusive service, available instantaneously with just a click of a button on your phone!

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When I first discovered Jazone Beauty Parlour, it was such a breath of fresh air! They offer an amazing on-site salon experience, delivering hair and beauty pros at the convenience of their clients’ surroundings; I’m talking home, office, studio, you name it. All it took was a few taps on my phone to book my appointments and the rest was a fantastic breeze.

Something magical happens when glamour and convenience come together, so you know I’m super excited to be sharing my Jazone experience with you guys!


And just who said that “Glam Squads” are a privilege reserved for only the rich and famous?? 😛

The nature of my work requires me to be in front of the camera a lot and it’s always such a delight to have a pro makeup artist on-site to get me right! Lawrine was amazing to work with and I love that she was quick to grasp and nail the concept of the photo shoot I was preparing for.


Raise your hand if you know the struggle of a bad hair day at work, and then scoring a last minute evening date or having to attend an impromptu event after hours. Now, raise your other hand if you know the rush hour traffic situation in Nairobi and understand that hopping from one corner of the city to the next, in search of a salon is not an option!

Just like that, Jazone Beauty Parlour came through with just the right dose of bombshell emergency curls and besides feeling gorgeous and more confident after, I felt so at ease throughout the glam process, because I didn’t have to worry about getting to my evening engagement on time.
Did I mention that the curls lasted a full week? 😀


Because who doesn’t love a party? 😛

There’s two things that are a constant in my weekend priority lists: “Hang out with the sisters” and “get my nails done.” I love that Jazone Beauty Parlour brought the polish party to us, allowing me to kill two birds with one stone. This was such a fantastic treat for my sissy and I and we were just so impressed with how thorough Judy and Debra were! This was definitely a more relaxed approach to some quality ‘Sissy Time’ and I have a feeling we’ll be doing this more often!

Verdict? Getting gorgeous has never been easier!
To book your appointment, check out the Jazone Beauty Parlour website here, or simply give them a call on 0704 423428 


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