Warm weather has been so scarce in Nairobi over the past couple of days, so when the sun (finally) decides to grace us with her much welcome presence, it’s only logical that you take it and roll with it 🙂


Gabriel’s House of Photography

Hair by Jael – +254 722 113562

I wore this outfit at a time when we were all cursing out the sun for moving closer to the city (oh, the irony! Lol!) and looking at these pictures took me back to a point in my life when I was heavily obese and as a result, I always felt self-conscious. Sadly, we live in a looks-obsessed society which has trained us to believe that being a size zero is the only equivalent of being perfect, so you can only imagine the struggle of being over-weight and feeling inadequate, not to mention, I was also battling with skin issues at the time. I used to be so hard on myself, it’s unbelievable! The truth is, the problem was never my weight, or any of my other flaws. It was my mindset that needed a complete makeover. Society’s “standards” of beauty and perfection will get old, but being comfortable with yourself, at whatever size and embracing your imperfections never will. I wish I understood this then, maybe my journey would have been a little easier. But then again, it’s those tough situations that really make us, right? 🙂

GABU4164 GABU4141 GABU4136 GABU4180 GABU4161 GABU4169 GABU4132 GABU4152 GABU4127 GABU4130 GABU4173

~Hugs and Kisses~


Shirt: Thrift

Leather Jacket: Ken- +254 728 962124

Shorts: Gift from my sissy, Wangui :-*

Bag: Gift from my girl, Mary :-*

Sunglasses: Here

Heels: Urban Shoes – Bandari Plaza

Lipstick: Nouba Millebaci No. 45

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  1. Your blog is so lively and so{sunny!) Looking at you one is quickly reminded of the sun. All ladies should dress this way, as a rule. Keep doing what you do. Go gal, go gal, go gal. haha

  2. Am in love with this look. Where can I get the neck piece its gorg I would want one

    1. Thanks!
      I got the piece a while back from a random store in the CBD. I haven’t seen them around in a while though 🙁

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