Good morning everyone and a happy new month!  Can you believe how fast this year is flying? It’s kinda making me nervous that I have such little time to accomplish goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. Who’s with me? :-/

Anyhu, on to something a bit more colourful.. Those of you who like to add bells and whistles to your casual looks might relate to today’s lost files situation.

IMG_2471 IMG_2455 IMG_2478 IMG_2483 IMG_2442 IMG_2435

Antony Trivet Photography

As much as these pictures are months old, there’s no better time than the present to share with you guys a look that will gracefully get you into the weekend mood 🙂

As usual, thank you all so much for stopping by and have yourselves a grand weekend!



Top: Here

Skirt: Thrift (Gikomba Market)

Sandals (Old): Backyard Shoes