Happy new week, everyone!

Just a quick hello and a snippet into what my weekend looked like. 🙂 I went from an epic girls’ night out to some much welcome “Me time” and I loved the transition!
Lately, life has been feeling like one long to-do-list and by the time I’m done checking off everything that needs to be done, there’s barely any time left for myself. This past weekend I decided to cut myself some slack, mellow down and unplug.
I moved house earlier this year and one of the requirements I had for my new diggs was a bath tub. I probably don’t use it as much as I imagined, but for me, a nice hot bath is my time to soak and wash away any stress. This weekend was special, because I found solace in a deliciously scented foam bath and body lotion from His and Her Scents.

Bath and Body Works, without a doubt, hit the jackpot with the Eucalyptus Tea body wash and foam bath, from their aromatherapy range! There’s just something so soothing and calming about a stimulating formula – drenched in an aromatherapy blend of eucalyptus essential oils and tea – combined with hot running water, that transports the mind anywhere but lingering deadlines and everyday issues. I put my phone away, set up the latest RHOA on my laptop, made myself a hot cup’a and into the bath I went! 😀 By the time I was done, I can honestly say that all my stress was relieved and literally drained!

I followed with the Eucalyptus Tea body lotion, which smells so amazingly fresh! The scent lasts all day and I love that all that freshness transfers to my bedsheets when I use the lotion in the evening. 🙂 The consistency is light, yet very moisturizing, which makes it perfect for morning or evening use.

Ngomo Photography

So that was my weekend, guys. I plan to do this more often and now I definitely have a gift idea for this year’s Secret Santa!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and have an amazing week!

I got the Eucalyptus Tea Foam Bath/Body Wash and Body Lotion from His and Her Scents