Female fashion has engaged in a playful flirtation with menswear and I simply love it! Menswear makes for such an effortlessly chic look, which brings us to today’s agenda 🙂

The ensemble oozes a boy-meets-girl charm with the hoodie, plaid boyfriend jacket and midi skirt playing together. When it came to my choice of shoes, I opted to carry the midi’s shade of blue down to my feet with a pair of heels that has quickly made it to my top favourites.

I love that the look is bold yet fun, and absolutely perfect for the cold weather Nairobi has been experiencing the past couple of days 🙂

IMG_9915 IMG_0062 IMG_0049 IMG_0040 IMG_9831 IMG_0016 IMG_9800 IMG_0109 IMG_9876

Antony Trivet Photography

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend?

Thanks for stopping by and catch up again soon!


Hoodie: Vosti Look

Plaid BF Jacket: Ken- 0728 962124

Midi: Here

Belt: Adams Market

Bag: Thrifted

Heels: Backyard Shoes, Bandari Plaza

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  1. Haha, you have grown curvier from when you last wore the midi blue skirt… 🙂 love love love the shoes!!

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