Cosy + Smell of Shiro making pancakes – Alarm clock = Happy Dee! 🙂 Mmmh.. Gotta love weekends!

Well, rise and shine good people! Time to create our own sunshine! 🙂

Remember in my previous post I mentioned how I’m currently obsessing about playing with print and patterns? (Jeez, that was a mouthful!) Well, I had another one of those days not too long ago…


I don’t know if I’ve said it enough, but I loooove print! I love that it’s so bold so I don’t quite have to play up my accessories plus I couldn’t think of a better way to step into the weekend than with such a mood enhancing pairing! 🙂

Lately the sun has been anything but sparing, so when I step out the last thing I want to feel is extra weight or clingy fabric on me.

IMG_5623-as-Smart-Object-1-1 IMG_5624-as-Smart-Object-1

I got this skirt some time last year, when my leather phase was at its peak, so it goes without saying; the waist-band detail won me over. I love that it’s incredibly light and airy, making it my ultimate summer squeeze. Not only was the monochromatic crop top the most logical move amidst all the heat, but it comes pretty close to a perfect match with the skirt; Almost as if they were designed as separates, to be worn together!

And of course y’all know that I  had to throw in some colour, right?? 🙂



IMG_5653-as-Smart-Object-1This outfit made me realise that I’ve gained more weight than I thought!! This pic  is probably the moment reality checked in, and no, I’m not looking for an excuse to give Frankie Kiarie a call. Though they do say he’s the best… LOL! Ok, I’m out.

IMG_5568-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_5687-as-Smart-Object-1IMG_5639-as-Smart-Object-1

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a town to paint! 🙂  xx


Photography: Okaka Photography


Monochromatic Crop Top and Skirt: Ken’s Collection ( Opp Uhuru Gardens Estate, Lang’ata)

Valentino Bag and Coral Heels: Instyle Shoez, Westlands

Neckpiece: Gifted


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