What a time to be alive, when smartphone  plans are no longer all about the number of call minutes and text messages we get, but more about data plans and packages. We live in a time when we can easily blow through multiple GB of data without even realizing the amount of time we spend on our phones; on the Internet to be precise. Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys my most tried and true hacks, to regulate and manage my Safaricom data usage, to avoid spending a fortune on data and getting frustrated each time I receive the dreaded “insufficient bundles” text! Lol!

For each tip, I will share precise steps in the caption section.

1. Monitor Your Data.

Obviously, this would be the first step! Lol! The mySafaricom App  has especially come in handy as far as monitoring my data goes. The “My Data Usage” tab allows me to keep track of my data usage daily, ensuring that I stick within budget. I have also used this app against independent apps such as GlassWire, and both give me the same results!

My Data Story, Denim And Cateye

Step 1: Download the mySafaricom App.
Step 2: Select the “My Data Usage” option.
Step 3: Monitor and regulate! 🙂

2. Close Unused Apps.

One of the hugest drains on your data allotment, even without you realizing it, is unused apps running in the background. Think apps doing random updates using your data, your email syncing to send you notifications as soon as you get a new message, or even apps that you hardly use, running in the background and draining your data. As you monitor your data on the mySafaricom app, look for the apps that you hardly use but continue to run anyway. Whatever can wait until you’re connected to Wi-Fi, let it take a back seat.

3. Data Saver On Chrome.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and has an  inbuilt feature that can significantly reduce data consumption on your cell phone. Simply go to the settings tab on Google, click on “Data Saver” and turn it on!

My Data Story, Denim And Cateye

Step 1: Go to your Google Chrome browser.
Step 2: Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner and select “Settings.”
Step 3: Select the “Data Saver” option and turn it on!

4. Update Your Existing Data Bundle Plan.

The nature of my work (and FOMO, honestly) require me to always stay on top of what’s going on online so you can only imagine my excitement when   Safaricom Platinum  was introduced! The various Platinum plans give me options to ensure that I can stream and access any social site quickly and efficiently. If you are doing step 1-3 and your data is running out quick, it may honestly be time to up the ante with a new data plan! Speaking of new data plans, did you know you can now get 1GB of data from your Safaricom line, for just Kshs. 99? Dial *544# and thank me later! 😉

My Data Story, Denim And Cateye

Step 1: Go to your Safaricom Platinum tab on the mySafaricom App.
Step 2: Browse through the data and SMS plans and choose one that works for you! 🙂

There you have it! I hope this was helpful!



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