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I’ve received a number of emails from ladies wondering about the ‘secrets’ behind my hairdos. Well mamacitas, this one’s for you 🙂


This is actually my most recent look. I had the front portion tonged and the rest neatly pinned up. I loved the look but the downside is that I have to sleep with caution so I can maintain the style for a couple of days. Explains why I’ve been so exhausted lately. Lol! It’s however perfectly stunning for a one day show 🙂 (This pic was taken on day two)



Hairdresser: Rony, Zambarau Salon, Kitamu House (+254 720 948 520)



Here I  used two packets of the long Abuja braids. I had both done into plaits; For the first I had it stitched to a line that was plaited at the front, and for the second, I just had the plait twisted into a bun. I absolutely loved the simplicity and ease of maintenance 🙂

IMG_7191-Hair post

Hairdresser: Mary, Red Carpet Salon, Rhapta Road (+254 722 937 186)


This was definitely one of my fave looks! Havana twists. I love big hair not only because of how dramatic it looks, but also because of  the ease of styling. I used 6/7 packets of Impression braids to achieve this look, and I was keen on them portioning big chunks of my hair to ensure my hair-line doesn’t pull a “now you see me, now you don’t” once I took them out. I also preferred to have them held up to avoid any strain on my hair.


Hairdresser: Adhiambo, Kenyatta Market- +254 722 643 763


This is yet another favourite! (I love braids a bit too much!) The braids are called Soft Dreadlock, Angels brand. Usually I lean towards Darling braids but for this particular braid I was cautioned against the brand’s quality. I used two packets of the number 30 colour to achieve this look.

DSC_2399 - Copy for hair post perfect

Hairdresser: Adhiambo, Kenyatta Market


Any favourites you’ll be trying out soon?

Hope this was helpful! xx

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  1. I love look 3! am definitely trying it out now that I know the secret is in the portioning of hair n braid! Danke!!!!!

  2. Another a.m.a.z.i.n.g Kenyan blogger.I love your style girl. Just came across your blog and imma stick to it so keep em coming!!!

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