Hope you’re all keeping well despite this sucky weather. I can’t believe it’s rainy season, again! Feels like we only enjoyed blue skies and perfect weather for a second! Lol!

Anyway, just thought I’d share with you some pictures Antony and I took on some Saturday when we were out and about.


I really don’t know what it is about peplum tops (Actually, peplum everything!!) that makes me go googoo gaga! Maybe it’s the air of graceful sophistication they ooze? Or maybe it’s that hip enhancement feature that I love so much! Or perhaps I find comfort in the flare detail of the top which allows me to have seconds at lunch without necessarily looking like I’m about to burst out of my top! You know? Haha! Oh well, whatever it is, it’s definitely working 🙂


This particular one instantly became my summer squeeze, not only because of the neon colour which captures the essence of summer, but because of the thoughtful lace panel which welcomes a nice cool breeze.

I was looking for some ‘in-between’ perfection, you know, not too casual and not too dressy, so I run back to the arms of the good ol’ denims and to sort of carry on the neon story down to my feet, I donned my worn-to-death venom heels. I loved that the neon detail on the shoes matched my lippie too 🙂

IMG_3343copy IMG_3402copy IMG_3326copy IMG_3375copy IMG_3382copy

Antony Trivet Photography

Also, I miss my big hair! Sob sob 🙁 Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by! Keep warm and have a grand week! 🙂

Neon Peplum Top: Steve’s Collection- +254 723 784374

Denims: Adams Market

Venom Heels: Here

Envelope Clutch: Here

Lippie: Sleek-OMG


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  1. Sooo… I just stumbled upon your blog and I like your style. Question though were you wearing a weave? And if you don’t mind the deets please. I have never won a weave and would like to experience.

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