Hey there my loves! First of all, apologies for the hiatus. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I recently moved house and boy has it been a hectic past week! From dealing with fundis of all sorts, to trying to get everything in order, it’s been all sorts of crazy but my sissy Shiro and I are finally settled in and we are oh so grateful 🙂  Hope you guys have been keeping well though.

Now down to business as usual…


I initially bought this gem of a skirt for a dinner I’ll be attending but I simply couldn’t fight the urge to wear it sooner! I guess now I have a valid excuse to go shopping for another! Yaaay!! 🙂  There’s something so regal about it and I love that it combines a few of my fave elements in one piece: Volume, patterns, and hello! It’s hell’a cute 🙂 The black vest (which I wore as an off-the-shoulder) made for the perfect match to add a fine touch of detail to the outfit story and to cement the look, some minimalist classic heels.

IMG_1208-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1187-as-Smart2 IMG_1204-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1213-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1194-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1227-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_1260-as-Smart-Object-1


There is one other reason for dressing well, namely that dogs respect it, and will not attack you in good clothes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Happy hump day and thank you so much for stopping by! xx


Photography: Okaka Photography


Black Vest: Steve’s Collection

House of Hadassah Skirt: Cool Beans Kenya

Earrings: Market Stalls

Clutch Bag: Adams Market

Nude Heels: Instyle Shoez, Westlands






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