Say what you will about the king of pop, but MJ’S influence over the fashion conscious: UNDENIABLE! Today’s military jacket is in fact a toast to his inimitable and legendary style. Though one can look a foolish mess trying to pull off some of his signature looks (Lol!), a girl can borrow a leaf or two and restyle it to suit her personality 🙂 With his death anniversary just days away, I figured I’d pay my tribute by sharing with you a one-for-two featuring this stunning street style piece.


Here I tried to balance the bold and tough appeal of the jacket with a red body-con dress that hits about mid-calf. I love that the dress is sleek and effortless, making it a great canvas to pair with a statement jacket and strappy footwear that allows me towering height.

IMG_7267 IMG_7311 IMG_7330 IMG_7313 IMG_7286 IMG_7298 IMG_7271

Antony Trivet Photography

Zalika Tou Makeup

Dress: Some Shop in Yala Towers
Jacket: Thrifted
Heels: Backyard Shoes


…when a girly take on tomboy chic was the everyday formula?

IMG_7361 IMG_7377 IMG_7395 IMG_7378 IMG_7352 IMG_7357

Crop Tee: Mr. Price- Junction Mall
Jeggings: Vosti Look

This brings us to the end of the Military Jacket series and right now I just have one question. Will you be joining the ranks or nah? 🙂

PicMonkey Collage


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  1. I really love the fact that you paid Tribute to MJS through fashion. And Yes you inspired me i will join you and i hope you will have a look at it! Xoxo

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