Hey everyone! First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Revitalize Wellness Centre Mother’s Day Giveaway! It was such a nice way to interact with you guys, and I’ll definitely be having more of those, so do stay tuned 😉

Now, totally shifting gears and jumping right in to why we’re here.. As seen here and here, it’s no secret that Flouncy pieces make me weak in the knees. They ooze such a rare feminine flair, so why not? 😛 The secret to this particular gem’s fun shape is all in the firmness of the fabric, which results in a total stunner that holds its flare like a pro!

Today I will be sharing two ideas on how you can paint the town glam in this versatile member 🙂


Like the heading suggests, I wore this ensemble for a night out at one of my favourite spots, Sankara Hotel, Nairobi. The pairing is simple, yet quite appealing and I love the interest that the shimmery vest added to the outfit story 🙂

IMG_8733 IMG_8523 IMG_8775 IMG_8614 IMG_8627 IMG_8762

Antony Trivet Photography

Shimmery Vest: Vosti Look

Flounce Skirt: Neon 27

Heels (Old): Here

Bracelet (Old): Mr. Price- Junction Mall


Here I high-waisted the skirt and played with an off-shoulder top to create the impression of a dress. I especially love how the tones on my shoes matched both my top and lippy 🙂

IMG_3122 IMG_3028 IMG_3109 IMG_3097 IMG_3130 IMG_3063

Top: Here

Heels: Backyard Shoes, Bandari Plaza

PicMonkey CollageWhich of the two looks speaks most to you?

Drop me a line and let me know!


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