She’s a perfect blend of fun, sweetness, bold and sophisticated, so of course there was an inevitable gravitation to today’s dress.

While dresses with punchy patterns are a sure-fire way to up the ante of your entire look, it’s always important to keep the rest of your ensemble simple, to avoid having an outfit that’s distracting and confusing to look at.

With this stunning, ankara piece being the focal point, I wanted to select jewelry that would quietly stand out, without stealing thunder from the dress. I initially thought to go with long, strand earrings, but for some reason, my shoulders felt way too bare. After a little experimenting here and there, I opted to veer into the funky world of necklace layering and to cement the look, a cute pair of shell earrings that capture the very essence of the coast. (Time for a vacay, perhaps?)

Thank you all so much for stopping by!



Dress: Kahaari – Summer Collection

Choker, Strand Necklace, Earrings and Ring: Jane’s Beads Kenya