Good morning everyone! So, yesterday we took a little detour to talk about the Finger Coil Set I’m rocking in these pictures, but today we’re back to fighting the Hot Inside, Cold Outside Dilemma, with outfits that are night appropriate but still warm enough to brave the evening chill. In case you  missed the first post from this series, catch it here.

I especially love today’s ensemble because it features my current favourites 🙂

Cape coats have been all the rage over the past couple of months and I finally see why! I gave myself up to the coat’s distinct silhouette and now I’m helplessly addicted! I was all about projecting an aura of Uptown Chic, so draping this stylish Ankara number over a polka dot blouse and some liquid leggings seemed like the most logical move to create a look that oozes sexy pizzazz.

Speaking of liquid/wet-look leggings, I remember I had a silver pair back in my campus day and I must say, I’m glad to see this trend revised and back in style! I got this pair a few weeks ago and we’ve been inseparable since! Brace yourselves to see them feature over and over on these fierce streets 😉


Antony Trivet Photography

Zalika Tou Makeup

Thank you all so much for your continued support and do stay tuned for the OOTN Series Finale! 🙂 xx


Ankara Cape: Afro-Street Kollection

Blouse: Thrifted

Liquid Leggings: Stars Joaillere Couture

Ankle Boots: Backyard Shoes

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  1. When first saw Blair Waldorf wearing the cape coat on gossip girl, i thought her coat was torn(lol!) but the i realized it was just fashion and i gotta tell you this little number is to die for. You managed to style your look using it to perfection! love! love! love!

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