I remember when the waterfall coat trend had just scored big, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a camel one. Well, at least until I laid eyes on Olive. (Of course I named her! Duh? 😛 ) Khaki, on its own, is extremely chic, versatile, neutral and stylish, and even more so on a waterfall coat. With its oversized collar, midi length and flattering tie-around-the-waist feature, this coat is literally the perfect companion for any outfit. It’s no wonder that the trend is such a hit!


Dakroom Photography

The evening temperatures in Nairobi have become quite frightening, with occasional sweeps of rain and unforgiving breezes. That can only mean that all our leather/vegan-leather pieces finally get their moment of fame 🙂 Speaking of which, there’s something about a (faux) leather dress that is both luxe and edgy. If thoughtfully paired, this piece will certainly have you standing out from the crowd! I gave the look some extra punch with a cute pair of heels, a sweep of red lipstick and some beaded accessories to match.

IMG_4682-Edit IMG_4694-Edit IMG_4676-Edit IMG_4696-Edit IMG_4689-Edit IMG_4669-Edit IMG_4680-Edit IMG_4677-Edit

When I started drafting this post, I had a serious case of writer’s block. Now I can’t seem to stop typing?! :-/ Lol!

Thank you all so much for stopping by loves! Have a fantastic weekend and keep warm 🙂



Sleeveless Waterfall Coat (Old): Kung’ara

Vegan-Leather Dress: Thrift (Gikomba Market)

Heels (Old): Instyle

Neck Piece: Here

Beaded Bangles: Maasai Market

Lipstick: A blend of Black Eye Pencil and Nouba Millebaci No. 46

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