Happy Monday guys! Hope your weekend was as amazing as mine was! I attended my friend’s graduation party on Saturday and to say that it was awesome would simply be an understatement! Besides the sensory overload of great food, it’s ALWAYS a good time with the girls! From catching up, to the hours spent on the dance floor (I wonder if it’s too late to send in our lipala dance video! Hehe!) to the great laughs! Sigh. I’m feeling nostalgic already! Lol!  On to the outfit of the night though…


I’m a huge believer in classic pieces and the LBD is right at home in that category. When the time came to rummage through my closet in search of something to wear, I was more than excited to pick out this sleek dress considering I got it ages ago and had never got to wearing it. While I could go on and on about what I love the most, the tasteful back detail undoubtedly sealed the deal!


IMG_5758-as-Smart-Object-1 IMG_5779-as-Smart-Object-1

The upside of keeping to the neutral ends of the colour spectrum of course, is that I can throw in accessories in an infinite number of colours! My sissy ‘borrowed’ this neckpiece eons ago and boy was I glad it finally came back to mama just in time to add much welcome oomph to the outfit story.

When it comes to arm candy for the night, I love a clutch that’s spacious enough to fit all my essentials, yet compact enough to carry on the elegance of the look. This Prada clutch is all of that, and a bag of chips 😉

There’s really no story behind my choice of shoes, well, besides my undying love for them!

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Thanks so much for stopping by! xx


OOTN: Outfit Of The Night

Photography: Okaka Photography

LBD: Ken’s Collection

Heels and Prada Clutch: Instyle Shoez, Westlands (Heels also worn here)

Neckpiece: Unique Accessories Kenya

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  1. Now I know where I’ll be shoe shopping:-P love your shoes. And of course you were looking lovely miss:-)

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