It’s nothing new that the Little┬áBlack Dress is a must-have for any fashion-conscious belle, simply because it’s an elegant and chic classic that’s appropriate for pretty much any occasion.

In case you’re just joining us (where the hell have you been? ­čśŤ ), for the past few days┬áI’ve been sharing a few tips on how I┬átransition my outfits from a work day to an evening out with just a few accessory changes. You might want to catch up on the other two Outfit Hacks here and here.

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I’m generally a lover of detail, but I occasionally lean towards pieces with less going on┬ábecause they tend to be more versatile. Take this dress for instance. It has such a flattering cut and it’s simplicity could grant me a pass to style it differently┬áevery week for a month without anyone noticing that it’s the same dress! Now that, I absolutely love! ­čśÇ

For the day-time look, I added a dash of colour by stacking up two neck pieces in contrasting colours, but I was sure to keep the rest of the ensemble simple with nude cap-toe pumps and a matching nude tote bag. Is it just me, or is there something about cap-toe heels that will always look sophisticated and chic? For the lippie, I went with a soft pink shade, close to that of the peach neck piece.

IMG_1211 IMG_1230 (1) IMG_1234

Dakroom Photography


IMG_1247 (1)

Once I escaped the confines of the office, I ditched the soft lippie and went with a bold, red lip to play up my personality a little. I also opted for a shoulder piece which, to me, oozes a luxe “lady-who-dines-and-loves-Michael Jackson” feel, while making a bold statement at the same time. Strappy heeled sandals are always perfect for working a dressed-up look so it was only logical that this gold pair tagged along for the ride.

IMG_1257 (1) IMG_1275 (1) IMG_1269 (1) IMG_1274 PicMonkey Collage


Black Dress: Cliq Fashion

Peach Neck Piece: Came with a dress I bought from here

Turquoise Neck Piece (Old): Here

Cap-Toe Pumps (Old): Lisa

Tote Bag: When my sissy used to sell

Lippie: Milani’s “Plumrose” From His and Hers Scents


Shoulder Piece: Unique Accessories

Strappy Sandals (Old): Backyard

Clutch: Thrift (Adams Market)

Lippie: Nouba 46

Hope these hacks were helpful! Which of the three will you definitely be trying out soon?

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