I recently had the pleasure of visiting Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge, which is home to one of the most scenic, yet underused areas in the country.

Our stay there was eventful, to say the least, with so many wonderful highlights and memories to treasure. In fact, just looking through all the fun pictures is giving me serious nostalgia!
We arrived just in time for a delicious lunch and enjoyed the endless opportunity to relax, unwind and take in the beautiful surroundings.

The next day, we arose bright and early, to a beautiful breakfast set up, right by the shores of Lake Elementaita. Talk about fueling for an adventure-packed day in style!

Gathoni Howard Photography

We all love to go out for breakfast, (ok, at least I do!) but there’s quite something about a breakfast that’s as fresh as day, served with an aquatic backdrop where scenic options combine with food and coffee to create an extra special experience.

Is the vacation envy checking in yet? Wait until you read the next post 😛

Thank you all for stopping by!