Hey lovelies! Hope the week’s treating you just right! 🙂 I personally can’t wait for the weekend, I’m just so exhausted! Even as we speak I’m operating on three hours of sleep and I’m telling you, every corner I turn to looks just comfy enough to take a nap. Lol!

Anyways, as you must all know by now, October marks breast cancer awareness month, which internationally helps to increase the awareness, early detection and treatment of this ugly disease. In support of this campaign, a number of clinics and hospitals here in the +254 have been offering free breast screening and other related services such as Pap Smears, at subsidized prices.


I personally had my screening date not too long ago and I must admit, I was quite nervous! So many “what if” questions were running through my mind, for a moment I actually felt sick to my stomach. It’s a pretty quick and painless procedure (Phewx! No needles! 🙂 ) and the staff at The Aga Khan Hospital were quite friendly which helped me feel more relaxed and comfortable.


I had never had my ‘girlies’ checked before because previously I ‘didn’t see the need to’ but the reality on the ground is that many cancer related deaths could have been avoided had the cancer been diagnosed in the early stages. See the need for regular check ups?

 IMG_2921copysn IMG_2899copysn

Though early detection of the disease is key, if it’s within our power, why not prevent it all together? What kind of lifestyles have we chosen for ourselves? The juicy burger or that healthy salad? That extra hour of sleep or a morning jog? Hmm.. I know I could definitely use some tweaking in this department.

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Where to get screened, you ask?

All branches of the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, countrywide, are offering free breast screening and Pap Smears at subsidized prices. This is offered on a daily basis from 8am-5pm, up until this coming Friday.

The Mater Hospital is also offering free breast examination at their Westlands and Thika branches, running from 8am-11am, up until this coming Friday. They’re also offering Mammograms, Breast Ultrasound and Pap Smear at drastically reduced prices! Remember, all this lasts until this Friday the 31st, which marks the end of the Breast Cancer Awareness month so if you haven’t already taken advantage… You know what you need to do. Do it fast.



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Let’s kiss ignorance goodbye and become aware?

Stay healthy, Stay Fabulous.


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PS; There’s something so feminine and so whimsical about the colour pink, who’s with me? 🙂



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  1. its time all women take the issue of screening seriously..it is a big deal and cancer (breast cancer) can get anyone i however wish you had posted this post earlier.
    i love the look too. 🙂

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