What’s the easiest way to take an outfit to the next level? Every woman’s power accessory: Lipstick! With just a simple swipe, you have all the confidence you need to tackle any wardrobe dilemma and if paired correctly, the colour and texture of your lip can go a long way in polishing your overall look for some much welcome allure and pizzazz.

I discovered Colour Pop lipsticks not too long ago and I instantly gravitated to their array of fun and bold hues. You guys can’t even begin to imagine how excited I was to learn that Joy, a.k.a Sunshine Balogun, stocks and sells this and other original brands at such affordable prices! We teamed up to play with poutfit possibilities and to share some of my current fave to-die-for hues, that are ready to announce to the world that I did not wake up like this! 😛


There is no easier shortcut to looking sleek, sexy and sophisticated with the least amount of fuss possible, than with a nude lip and white outfit pairing. I love that nude lipstick makes a quiet statement, while still allowing the rest of my features to pop!

Ngomo Photography

Sunshine Balogun Makeup


Lip gloss is such a refreshing break from matte lipstick and I love that it adds dimension, shine and youth to any ensemble! “Dropout” has a soft purple undertone, which paired beautifully with my floral number.


When in doubt, go with the classic red x red combination, because there’s really no way to mess up a perfect match! 😉


Creating a fresh, standout look sometimes means going against your instincts with a goth lip and some burgundy for the win.

Thank you all so much for stopping by!


All lipsticks are from Sunshine Balogun: +254 734 085855