Well, hello July! It’s so nice of you to join us 🙂

I thought I’d kick start the week with some bold lip and untamed mane goodness because there’s no Monday blues that a good glam day can’t fix 😀


Today’s post marks the end of the Revitalize Makeover series and I thought I’d be a pal and share with you a few lessons I took home from this amazing experience!

1) Grooming, in terms of hair, makeup and nails, has the power to make or break the entire thought and effort we put into our style.
Thou shalt not take the aforementioned for granted!


2) Have you noticed that when you have a bad hair day, your entire day kinda suffers? Well, at least that’s how it goes down for me, but thanks to the glam squad over at Revitalize Wellness Center, I haven’t had one of those universally dreaded days in quite a while 😉

3) It’s OK to seek the services of a (natural) hair expert, even as a naturalista!
The natural hair community is swamped with gifted ladies who have mastered the art and are pretty much experts at doing their own hair. If you’re not quite there yet, or perhaps you’re looking for a more spiced up look which your set of hands may not be able to achieve, or maybe you just need to catch a break from doing your own hair, then by all means, sit back, relax and let a professional handle it!


4) There’s real power in a makeover, people!  The kind of power that will inspire you to overhaul other areas of your life that feel a little stale, so don’t be alarmed if post makeover, you suddenly feel the urge to rearrange your room, or go on a ten day detox! 😀

5) There’s nothing quite like a one-stop-shop! Finding a comfortable salon where I can get my natural hair creatively styled, my weaves laid, my face beat for the gods and my nails done to perfection has been an absolute win for me. Slay and convenience, all living under one roof!

GABU3103 C

6) To walk into a salon feeling stale and frumpy, have the experts work their magic and then walk out a few hours later looking brand new and feeling like you’re walking on imported air is a powerfully therapeutic experience; A reward like no other.


GABU3092 C GABU3086

Before I sign out, you know I have to ask… 🙂 Which of the four looks from the Revitalize Makeover has been your absolute fave? Drop me a line in the comment box below and let me know!

PicMonkey Collage

Thank you all for stopping by!

Have a productive week.


Hair, Nails, Eyelash Extensions and Makeup: Revitalize Wellness Center, ICEA Lion Center, Chiromo Road, Westlands.

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  1. I’d choose this one, bliss …. It is so effortless plus a red lip looks perfect on you…. Then I can’t forget to mention how much I love those rings.


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