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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, which by now you should, then you may have a clue that I partnered with Revitalize Wellness Centre to run my very first giveaway for the upcoming Mother’s Day! Mothers are so beautiful, strong, their unconditional love goes unrivaled and they’re truly deserving of the very best, which makes this giveaway even more special. For those of you who may not know, Revitalize is a state of the art wellness facility offering fitness classes, luxurious spa treatments, relaxing massages, salon services, nutritional consultation and an addictive coffee and juice bar.


From the strong sweet smell of incense, to the soft background music, to the stylish décor, overall relaxed ambience and friendly staff, I couldn’t help but feel transported to a whole new world free of hustle and harm the moment I walked in, and I’m super excited to be able to reward one of you with this remarkable experience 🙂

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The rules of entry for this giveaway are pretty simple:

  • Follow @denim_and_cateye and @revitalize_kenya on Instagram
  • Post a picture of you and your mum or any special person who has taken up the role of a mum in your life. This picture could be a throwback, it could be a selfie- That’s entirely up to you.
  • Be sure to mention me on this post (@denim_and_cateye) and as the caption, share a memory/moment that the two of you have shared. Make sure to use #RevitalizeLovesMums at any point in your caption.
  • You may enter as many times as you wish, provided you are sharing different memories/moments and following the above steps.
  • The reward? A one hour Swedish Massage for your mum, any mum you love, or even for yourself if you’re a mama and could use a day of beautiful bliss 🙂 Allow me to just say, this massage is guaranteed to relax the entire body and will leave you feeling completely refreshed.
  • I’m sure you all have wonderful stories to share but I can only choose one, so I will be looking out for that one moment that stands out from the rest

IMG_5790 IMG_5786 IMG_5715 IMG_5703 IMG_5755 IMG_5741 IMG_5769 IMG_5794 IMG_5772

Now that we’re sharing moments, I might as well lead by example. Unfortunately my mum passed away 18 years ago but I have these vivid, fond memories of her and even as I type this, a particular one comes to mind. When I was younger, I loved having hot chocolate with my breakfast but I wouldn’t happily indulge unless it was served in a particular cup that she bought for me and my day would start on an even higher note if the hot chocolate had bubbles in it. I remember every morning, no matter how late we were running, after she cooled the hot chocolate, she would pour it into my special cup from way up, so that it could form those “magic bubbles.” She did it with so much love and just that alone was enough to create this world of rainbows for me 🙂 A mother’s love, I tell you!


The winner will be announced the morning of Saturday the 9th so you best start posting and stay tuned!


Antony Trivet Photography

For bookings and/or enquiries kindly contact Revitalize Wellness Centre on +254 721 889777/+254 733 889777 or pay them a visit at ICEA Lion Centre, Block 1A, Ground Floor, Chiromo Road, Westlands.



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  1. Thanks for sharing,,, Mums are indeed the BEST. I’m unable to view all the photos.. kindly check,, thanks

    1. Hey dear, thank you!
      It may have been a connectivity issue, as the pics are all visible 🙂

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