Do you guys ever get that frumpy, unattractive and outdated feeling every time you look in the mirror or try to get dressed for a day or night out? Or perhaps you’re going through that universally dreaded experience, where your hair and makeup either won’t cooperate, or you’re simply too busy trying to meet deadlines, (and possibly the girls for happy hour 😀 ) in which case, spending hours on end in front of the mirror isn’t quite an option.  If all this sounds familiar, then you, my friend, are begging for a MAKEOVER! 😀

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 This was my dilemma not too long ago, so you can’t even begin to imagine how excited I was to team up with The Revitalize Wellness Center to turn that frown upside down and generally get my groove back! I spent a nice quiet Sunday getting my fleek on, from eyelash extensions, to a relaxing manicure treat, a much welcome professional touch on le mane and a little face glam to go with it.

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Speaking of manes, is it just me or is there something irresistibly charming and effortless about untamed hairstyles? Unlike in the past, where I was obsessed with neat-no-strand-out-of-place hairdos, I now find that I feel extremely sexy and free of any constraint in tousled styles. I’ve come to appreciate updos more and more in the recent months and although many of their kind focus all the beautiful details at the back of the head, I especially love that this particular style allowed for me to have my radiant natural hair upfront for everyone to see 🙂

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It was such an amazing experience to walk into the salon and walk out a few hours later feeling and looking brand new. Lucky for me, I had plans that evening, (because it’s a universal law that a good glam day should never go to waste) but even if I didn’t, I definitely had an exciting incentive to spring out of bed as soon as my alarm went off the next day, just to go out and show the world my new look 😀

Hair, Hair Accessory, Makeup, Eyelash Extensions and Nails: Revitalize Wellness Center, ICEA Center, Chiromo Road, Westlands.

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